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red    marked cheats are unique, not listed on any site (tell me if not).
brown marked cheats from various other sources like etc, checked and fixed if necessary.
gray   marked disabled or missed cheats buried inside game ROM.

  Zelda II - The Adventure of Link
  Zen Intergalactic Ninja
  Zhen Ben Xi You Ji (Asder)
  Zhen Shi Hun - Wu Shi Dao Lie Zhuan (Nanjing, NJ033)
  Zhong Guo Xiang Qi, Qi Wang - Chinese Chess
  Zoids - Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai
  Zoids 2 - Zenebasu no Gyakushuu
  Zoids Mokushiroku
  Zombie Hunter
  Zunou Senkan Galg

Cheats summary:
generic cheats-3
unique cheats-12
buried secrets-3
fixed generic cheats-4
unverified games-0
games with secrets-11
games with no secrets found-3


(GEN) Secret message:
Beat the game, then at the credits screen, when the fairy stops to print out a main message, press A + B on both controllers at the same time. A message "SEE YOU AGAIN IN GUARDIC." will appears at the bottom of the screen.

(GEN) Game Over Easter egg (added 29.05.15):
Before the "GAME OVER" message is displayed, hold Select on controller 1 to change default game over music jingle to the different one.

(FIX) Different ship:
At the title menu, hold at least one A on any controller and at least one B on any controller at the same time, then press Start.

(FIX) Sound test:
Hold at least one A on any controller and at least one B on any controller at the same time, then press Reset.

(FIX) Level select:
Press Reset 13 times, at the title screen press Start to go in to the title menu. Press Left or Right to choose level then choose "CONTINUE" option and press Start. To start from levels 11 and 12 either in the stage select mode or when continue after the game over, hold Up on any controller before press Start.

(UNI) Debug mode:
Press Reset 9 times, and at the title screen type "COMPILE" and press Enter on the family keyboard. A sound will confirm correct code entry. From now, you can use debug functions while game is paused. First of all, the different ship graphics will be enabled by default. Press Select on controller 1 for selecting a weapon. On the keyboard press Clr to get 255 lives, Ins to warp to next area or Del to warp to previous area.
Source: BMF54123

Zelda II - The Adventure of Link

(GEN) Suicide:
Press Start on controller 1 to show the items menu, then press Up + A on controller 2.

Zen Intergalactic Ninja

(BUR) Copyrights check (added 04.10.07):
As most of the games by Konami made after 1991 year, this one contains some kind of copy protection. The game checks if the text "(c) 1993 k" is present at the title screen. If not, player gets much more damage from enemies than in regular game.

Zhen Ben Xi You Ji (Asder)

(UNI) Power throw shortcut (added 29.05.15):
At the "ASDER" logo screen, press Down + Left + A + B + Select. A sound wil confirm correct code entry. Now during the game you can perform a special attack (for the Monkey King this is Staff Throwing) just by press Select.

(BUR) Hidden text (added 08.02.13):
There is a hidden copyright text inside the ROM:

Zhen Shi Hun - Wu Shi Dao Lie Zhuan (Nanjing, NJ033)

(UNI) Secret message (added 14.10.14):
During the game, while in conversation mode, hold Up + Select + Start on controller 1 and skip with A to the end of the dialog. The copyrigh string will be displayed in the dialog box. This cheat can be found in a couple of Nanjing games on the same engine.

Zhong Guo Xiang Qi, Qi Wang - Chinese Chess

(UNI) Soft reset (added 31.01.14):
During the game hold Start, then press Select.

(UNI) Tileset switch (added 31.01.14):
During the game hold A and press Select to switch some tiles to different graphics. However, this only works in the "Qi Wang" version, since other version doesn't have the different tilesets in CHR ROM, but the code is present and working.

(UNI) Level and difficulty switch (added 31.01.14):
During the game point the cursor to the particular place of the game screen, then hold B + Select and press A to instantly change the corresponding value. You can change the current level and sublevel if click on the corresponding numbers at the top side of the screen, or change the current difficulty level by click on the rightmost kanji at the top side of the screen.

Zoids - Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai

(FIX) Secret names (added 17.01.14):
Enter one of the following words as a player name.
たーなー-All items and max stats.
じょー-Unused, var $F2 set to $04, but never checked.

Zoids 2 - Zenebasu no Gyakushuu

(UNI) Secret names (added 31.01.14):
Enter one of the following words as a player name.
すこっと-Start with Level 8 and three additional machines, one of them is "Gojuras", which have Live/Offence/Defence at 2800/3500/2800. Maybe even more parameters are changed.

Zoids Mokushiroku

(UNI) Secret passwords (added 06.10.07):
Note: nigori or panigori symbols need to be entered separately from the kana symbols, like for ゴ you should enter コ and then ". So Each password contains 16 symbols in total.
キングゴジュラスカイタイナ-Secret map
パスワドニハギルベイダ-Secret map

Zombie Hunter

(UNI) Secret mini-games (added 03.10.07):
This game contains a couple of secret timer mini-games. You can challenge with other people for fastest reaction or pressing speed. Or just use this feature as a countdown timer or stopwatch. For enabling these features, power the console off, hold A + B + Start on controller 1 and one of the buttons described below, then power up the system again. You cannot exit this mini-games by pressing reset, you'll return to the selected mini-game instead.
Down-Game Clock

(UNI) Instant shop (added 29.05.15):
Usually, during the game you may find a shop if you jump out of the screen at the top. Obviously, you couldn't do that on some locations. But, there is an instant shop at the very first screen of the game. Just walk to the left to the leftmost three and press Up + B to enter it. If you play the "GAME B" mode, you must press Select a couple of times first before entering this cheat.

(UNI) Title easter eggs (added 29.05.15):
During the title screen and intro, shout to the microphone on the controller 2 and press B on controller 2 an the same time to change the title screen background color ouf ot the 8 colors in total. Also you can control the fire on the title name during the intro sequences. Shout to the microphone to weaken it.

(BUR) Hidden text:
The game ROM contains a hidden programmer's message, means "no spying!" and some dialect:

Zunou Senkan Galg

(UNI) Invulnerability:
At the title screen, press A, A, Down, Left, Right, Right, Right, B, Up, Up, Up, Up, Start. A sound will confirm correct code entry.


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