Mostly Unpublished NES Cheats ;)

red    marked cheats are unique, not listed on any site (tell me if not).
brown marked cheats from various other sources like etc, checked and fixed if necessary.
gray   marked disabled or missed cheats buried inside game ROM.

  Wagyan Land
  Wagyan Land 2
  Wagyan Land 3
  Wai Wai World
  Wai Wai World 2 - SOS!! Paseri Jou
  Wait and See! (Dragon Co., TomSoft)
  Wall Street Kid
  Wang Zi Fu Chou Ji (Henggedianzi)
  Wario no Mori, Wario's Woods
  Wayne Gretzky Hockey
  Wayne's World
  Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego
  Where's Waldo
  Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  Win, Lose or Draw
  Wing of Madoola, The
  Wizardry - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord
  Wizardry II - Legacy of Llylgamyn
  Wizardry III - Diamond no Kishi, Wizardry - The Knight of Diamonds
  Woody Poko
  World Boxing
  World Games
  World Hero, Chinese Hero
  Wrecking Crew
  Wu Shi Hun, Samurai Spirits, Samurai Showdown III

Cheats summary:
generic cheats-8
unique cheats-16
buried secrets-19
fixed generic cheats-1
unverified games-0
games with secrets-29
games with no secrets found-20

Wagyan Land

(UNI) Ending sequence:
At the title screen, press Up, Down, Right, Right, A, B, Left, Left, Down, Up, B, A.

(GEN) Higher difficult:
At the title screen, press Down, Down, A, Down, Down, Down, B, Down. This sequence is unlockable and given to you after the ending staff roll.

(GEN) Boss rush mode:
At the title screen, press Up, Up, A, Up, Up, Up, B, Up. This sequence is similar to the unlockable sequence above, but with Up instead of Down.

Wagyan Land 2

(BUR) GameGenie (added 19.01.13):
NNVKLTAE-Re-enables the debug mode.
At the title screen:
* press A to enter the stage select screen.
* press B to see the game's ending.
At the stage select screen:
* press A or B to enable or disable invulnerability.
* select index $00 and press Start to enter the CHR test mode.
* Toggle palette test mode with Start in CHR test mode.
During the game:
* press Select to warp instantly to the level boss.
Source: BMF54123

Wagyan Land 3

(UNI) Debug leftover 1 (added 23.04.15):
At the very end of the intro sequence of the beginning of the new game, there is a scene, when your character hop into UFO and fly away. If you hold any button on controller 2 before this scene appears, the UFO's border color will change according to combination of pressed buttons, the value read from controller 2 threated as a border color while displaying this scene. There is no other purposes for this, except developers had to choose the color while playing the actual game.

(BUR) Sound test (added 19.01.13):
Change RAM address $61 to $05 to enable a sound test.
Source: BMF54123

(BUR) Stage select (added 19.01.13):
Change RAM address $61 to $08 to enable a simple stage select.
Source: BMF54123

(BUR) GameGenie (added 23.04.15):
IGNTLXLX-Re-enables a couple of debug functions. To switch master debug flag on or off during the game, hold Select on controller 1 and press B on controller 2. When enabled, pause the game and press B on controller 2 to switch invulnerability on or off. Also when debug is enabled, a first boss battle will have a small CPU meter at the tom of the screen representing by a lighter color scanline jumping up or down.

(BUR) Hidden text (added 23.04.15):
The RESET routine in this game uses a string:
to check if game was hard of soft reset. Also the sound code has a small copyright message among the the data:
T.K 2.3

Wai Wai World

(UNI) Suicide (added 30.01.14):
During the game, hold Up + A + B then press Start to commit suicide.

Wai Wai World 2 - SOS!! Paseri Jou

(BUR) Copyrights check (added 03.01.12):
As most games by Konami made after 1991 year, this game contains some simple copy protection, it checks for "(c)" symbol presence in PPU RAM at the title screen. If it fails, then the game enables a "HARD" difficult mode by default from the first stage. When beating level 8, the congratulation message will show you that you beat level 1 and so you'll be warped to the start of level 2.

(BUR) Hidden text (added 27.04.15):
There is a build date string at the end of some PRG banks:

Wait and See! (Dragon Co., TomSoft)

(BUR) Hidden text (added 04.12.08):
There is some hidden copyright text inside ROM:
TomSoft Studio.  Tel:(029)7223482
Also, there is a huge portion of source codes with the core documentation at the $3A000 in PRG ROM.

Wall Street Kid

(UNI) Final password (added 30.01.14):
Complete the game, after the ending credits, while the "SOFEL" logo is displayed, press Left + A on controller 1. You'll get the final password to your ending.

Wang Zi Fu Chou Ji (Henggedianzi)

(UNI) Secret message (added 28.04.15):
During the game, while the dice rolls for any of players, press Up + Right + B + Select + Start on controller 1 to see a secret message.

(UNI) Unknown menu flag (added 28.04.15):
During the game, press Select to enter the main game menu. Press B + Select + Start to enable rise some cheat flag, which is checked, when you click on the window at the upper-right main menu item. Need to play more.

Wario no Mori, Wario's Woods

(GEN) Soft reset (added 28.04.15):
Any time during the game, hold either Select or Start and press Start or Select accordingly to return right to the main title menu.


(BUR) Hidden text (added 19.03.11):
At the end of the ROM hidden message exists:
Also, there is generic NAMCO copryght string at the beginning of the ROM:

Wayne Gretzky Hockey

(UNI) Secret message (added 01.10.09):
At the copyrights screen, press on controller 1 or controller 2 Up + Left + A + B + Select once then Down + Right + A + B + Start once, a "WAYNE GRETZKY EXTRA SPECIAL" screen will appears. This extra copyright screen available in all Bethesda's games with the same code.

Wayne's World

(UNI) Stage Skip (added 19.03.11):
During the game, pause it then press A, B, A, Select, when unpaused, game will be waiting for extra input. Press B to skip current stage or press A to return back to normal game.

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego

(UNI) Easter egg (added 02.01.09):
Enter to the hall and head to the basement on elevator. Select boiler's room "CREDITS" door, enter to view game credits and staff. Hold Right, then press A, A, A, B, A, Start, A, Select, A, Select, A, Start, A, B, A, A. A name "ERIK T. KISS" will flash about 2 seconds. Now head to personnel and start a new game. Instead of "San Francisco", a starting point of your travels will be "Vancouver". The developer of this game was "Distinctive Software Inc." originated from Canada, until 1991 DSI resided in Vancouver.

Where's Waldo

(UNI) Secret message (added 01.10.09):
At the copyrights screen, press on controller 1 or controller 2 Up + Left + A + B + Select once then Down + Right + A + B + Start once, A "WHERE'S WALDO EXTRA SPECIAL" screen will appears. This extra copyright screen available in all Bethesda's games with the same code.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

(UNI) Secret passwords:
Enter this phrase as a password, before entering the last letter with A, hold Down + Select to complete the code.


(BUR) Hidden text (added 19.03.11):
There is a hidden copyright message at the end of the ROM:


(FIX) Debug flag (added 30.04.15):
There are some debug features that can be accessed via secret flag in the password. You can make the password with this flag set using the password generator below. When used, during the game, while walking on the locations:
On controller 1, press Select to enable a debug teleport. Hold B and press Up or Down to change the left number, or hold A and press Up or Down to change the right number. Press Select again to warp to the selected location.
On controller 2, press A to obtain all items, weapons and shields, or hold B to enable a free walk mode.

(BUR) Disabled debug cheat (added 14.02.10):
There are a disabled cheat routines at $ED8F (for the Japanese version) or $ECD5 (for the US version). They should be called repeatedly during the game and waiting for the button sequence Up, A, Up, A, Down, A, Down, A, Left, B, Left, B, Right, B, Right, B. When entered, "Debug flag" should be set instantly without using a password.

(BUR) GameGenie (added 14.02.10):
ZYUALEIE (for the Japanese version)
EGUALALI (for the US version)
-Re-enables rather broken old free movement routine instead of the debug teleport routine. As against the currently working free movement, this one garbles the main sprite, moves it to the upper-right corner of the screen and waiting for the Select button to put character back to the location.

(UNI) Password generator (added 16.12.08):
Location (bit 1)
Location (bit 0)
Event: Fin Raziel Restored
Event: Wing Sword Powered
Event: Cave Repaired
Event: Witch's Shoes Available
Event: Madmartigan Talk
Event: Tir Asleen Open
Event: Brownie Rescue
Event: Eborsisk Defeated
Event: Kael Defeated
Event: Kael Talk
Location (bit 6)
Location (bit 5)
Location (bit 2)
Location (bit 4)
Location (bit 3)
Event: Skeleton Gone
Event: Nockmaar Guard Gone
Event: Nail Clan Available
Event: Sorsha Gone
Swords: Wonder
Swords: Kaiser
Swords: Devileye
Swords: Wing
Swords: Dragon
Swords: Flame
Swords: Battle
Swords: Long
Shields: Fury
Shields: Battle
Shields: Tail
Shields: Metal
Shields: Dragon
Shields: Gold
Shields: Small
Shields: Wood
Magic: Healmace (bad)
Magic: Terstorm
Magic: Cane
Magic: Fireflor
Magic: Thunder
Magic: Renew
Magic: Bombard
Magic: Acorn
Magic: no magic slot 3
Magic: no magic slot 2
Magic: no magic slot 1
Magic: Healball
Magic: Specter
Magic: Fleet
Magic: Ocarina
Magic: Healmace
Items: Red
Items: Flute
Items: Key
Items: Braclet
Items: Scale
Items: Herb
Items: Ring
Items: Statue
Items: no items select
Items: Shoes
Items: Powder
Items: Necklace
Items: Nockmaar Key
Items: Wakka
Items: Crest
Items: Blue
Debug teleport
Level (bit 3)
Level (bit 2)
Level (bit 1)
Level (bit 0)
Japan Password:
English Password:

Win, Lose or Draw

(GEN) Secret names (added 17.01.14):
Select the difficulty level as Difficult, then during the game, enter one of the following words as an answer to the current game question.
LORDOFTHEWABBITS-Easter rabbit, greetings from programmer.
SHOWMERSPINC-Developer's picture and copyrights.

Wing of Madoola, The

(GEN) Continue:
If you die on Stage 2 or higher, when it brings you back to the title screen, hold Select and press Start. You can choose any stage up to the one you died at, but not higher.

(GEN) Easter egg (added 05.05.15):
There a special room on Stage 8 where you can find a small chick. If you grab it as an item, the secret screen "THE KEYWORD IS" will follow, continuing with a small cat graphics and kana text "ねこだうーん" screen. Maybe there was some sort of competition back in the days, but maybe just an easter egg, since this chick only in the middle of the game and easy reachable.


(BUR) GameGenie (added 06.05.15):
PASKVAAA-A simple debug monitor for the game will be enabled at the top-left corner of the screen. This, hovewer will broke many game's graphic.
PAVGOAAA-Instant win cheat. Press Select during the game to instantly win, or hold it before the stage number screen, to instantly complete all current levels.
PAVGXAAA-Disables the enemy's AI completely.

Wizardry - Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

(BUR) Hidden text (added 16.07.17):
The game uses the string
as a SRAM signature to test the save memory integrity.

Wizardry II - Legacy of Llylgamyn

(BUR) Hidden text (added 08.12.13):
The game uses these string
By Kei Cross
as a SRAM signature to test the save memory integrity.

Wizardry III - Diamond no Kishi, Wizardry - The Knight of Diamonds

(BUR) Hidden text (added 08.12.13):
The game uses these strings
By Kei Cross
Feb., 8,1991
for the US version and
By Kei Cross
for the Japanese version as a SRAM signature to test the save memory integrity.

Woody Poko

(GEN) Easter egg (added 17.01.14):
Enter the Bread Store, stand in front of the desk with the girl and press A or B 200 times. If done right, the girl will put on a bikini. You can done it as many times as you want, just you need to press the button 256 times every time now.
Source: ReyVGM

World Boxing

(UNI) Debug mode:
Hold A + B on controller 1 and controller 2 at the same time, then press Reset. At the title screen, hold A + B on controller 1 and press Start.

World Games

(BUR) Hidden text (added 31.03.11):
The game contains a hidden copyright string:
ENGLAND 44 61 236 1154

World Hero, Chinese Hero

(UNI) Test Mode (added 08.02.13):
Hold B + Select + Start, then press Reset. After a while the self-test screen will appear. Continue holding the buttons to see this screen. It will shows the results of PRG/CHR CRC tests, mirroring modes test and IRQ test. When you release the buttons, the game will continue it's normal operation.

(BUR) GameGenie (added 09.02.13):
ZZVKOITX-Re-enables the unused English title screen: "KUNG FU LEGENDS".

Wrecking Crew

(UNI) Full demo sequence (added 23.05.15):
The demonstration of the gameplay at phase 82 ends very quickly when mario run right into the enemies on the ladder. Actually, this is only first of the five parts of this demo. Every part ends with a dumb run to the wrong way and cause the death. To make it to continue to the next part, before every dumb death in each of the demo parts, hold A + B on controller 1 and one of the corresponding D-Pad buttons table on controller 2 at the same time. The phase part and correpsonding buttons are described in the table below. If all buttons pressed right in time, Mario will avoid all dumb deaths during the demo sequence and finish this phase perfectly.
Up-To part 2
Down-To part 3
Left-To part 4
Right-To part 5

(GEN) Special edit mode keys (added 23.05.15):
During the edit mode, press one of the following button codes on controller 2 to automatically fill the level buffer with corresponding predefined data.
A + B-Reset level to the initial state.
Right + A-Fill with empty cells.
Left + A-Fill with wreckable ladders.
Down + A-Fill with regular ladders.
Up + A-Fill with bombs.
Right + B-Fill with wreckable shields.
Left + B-Fill with black walls.
Down + B-Fill with white walls.
Up + B-Copy the regular level selected at the title screen with A and B buttons. Note, in this case you can see an actual level name, which is sitting in level data, but doesn't show during the normal game.

(BUR) Hidden text:
The game contains a hidden copyrights:
Programed by
AKINA chan

Wu Shi Hun, Samurai Spirits, Samurai Showdown III

(UNI) Fight as Amakusa (added 30.01.14):
Start a 2 player game, at the fighter selection screen, select any fighter then hold Left + B either as player 1 or 2 and wait until selection is applied. Instead of selected fighter, you'll control the last boss Amakusa.


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