Mostly Unpublished Super Famicom/Nintendo Cheats ;)

red    marked cheats are unique, not listed on any site (tell me if not).
brown marked cheats from various other sources like etc, checked and fixed if necessary.
gray   marked disabled or missed cheats buried inside game ROM.

  Action Pachio
  Akazukin Chacha
  Clay Fighter
  DinoCity (Europe, USA), Dinowars: Kyouryuu Oukoku e no Daibouken (Japan)
  Family Dog
  Fatal Fury 2
  Ganpuru/Gunple: Gunman's Proof
  Gradius III
  Justice League Task Force
  Kaite Tsukutte Asoberu Dezaemon
  Lawnmower Man, The (Europe, USA), Virtual Wars (Japan)
  Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (Europe, USA), Pitfall: Maya no Daibouken (Japan)
  RPG Tsukuru: Super Dante
  Spider-Man: Venom: Maximum Carnage
  Super Hockey (Europe), NHL Stanley Cup (USA, Fr)
  Super Punch-Out!!
  Top Gear (Europe, USA), Top Racer (Japan)
  Top Gear 3000 (Europe, USA), Planet's Champ TG 3000, The (Japan)

Cheats summary:
generic cheats-19
unique cheats-19
buried secrets-15
fixed generic cheats-5
unverified games-1961
games with secrets-21
games with no secrets found-0
overall progress-~1% done

Action Pachio

(GEN) Title screen cheats (added 08.12.20):
Input one of the following button sequences at the main Title menu, then press Start.
Up, Down, L, R, Right, Left, A, A-Round Select
Right, Left, L, R, Up, Down, B, B-Invincibility and Infinite Time.
Right, Left, L, R, Up, Down, X, Y-Both previous cheats at the ssame time.
X, B, Y, A, Up, Down, Left, Right-View Ending

Akazukin Chacha

(BUR) Hidden text (added 06.12.20):
There are some copyright text at the beginning of the ROM:
TOMY Corp.
1995/02/24 -
11 58
Game Design

Ishel Artvision

Clay Fighter

(GEN) VS mode controllers setup (added 02.02.20):
Enter the "VS MODE" game, at the Stage select screen hold Select then press Start. The controller setup menu appears instead of starting of a fight. This menu works the same as controls setup in "OPTIONS" menu.

(BUR) Game genie (added 02.02.20):
FADE‑05C6+D8DB‑A01C+DADC‑A046-Re-enables additional Music/SFX settings disabled from the "OPTIONS" menu. The game manual mentions the Mono/Stereo sound selection. It seems they replaced it with a new options later but never used both in the final game.
C636‑0018+1436‑00C8+14D4‑013E+32D4‑054E-Re-enables an unfinished "BONUS" game mode, where two fighters located at the flying stage with rotating background. However, there are no correct graphics left for this mode. To see it, enter the "VS MODE" and press Select.

(BUR) Hidden text (added 02.02.20):
There are two unused copyright and version strings can be found inside the ROM at $00196E:
SMSG 3.06w Jason Andersen/John Schappert 8/15/1993
and at $007FF1
Jason Andersen


DinoCity (Europe, USA), Dinowars: Kyouryuu Oukoku e no Daibouken (Japan)

(FIX) Title screen cheats (added 10.08.21):
Enter one of the following button sequences at the title screen when message "PUSH START" is displayed to get a corresponding effect. For each combination of two buttons, first hold non D-Pad button, then press the D-Pad button, then release both. A chime will indicate correct code entry.
Left, Right + R, Right + A, Left + Y, Down + Select-(bit.02) "Restore HP". Before the new location appears, at "TEAM READY" screen hold Up + Left + X + L + R.
Up + X, Left, Left + A, Right + R, Left + Y, Right + Y, Down + Select-(bit.04) "Double HP". Default HP value set to 6 instead of 3.
Right + B, Right + R, Up + B, Up + X, Right + R, Up + B, Left + X, Down + Select-(bit.08) "Infinite HP". Works only if (bit.04) "Double HP" cheat is activated. Default HP value set to 32737 which is technically an infinite value.
Up + Y, Right + R, Left + Y, Right + R, Up, Left + Select, Up + B, Up + Y, Down + Select-(bit.01) "Stage Select". Enables Stage select screen. During the game, press Start to pause then hold R + A and press Select.
Left + R, Left + A, Left + L, Right + Y, Up + X, Up, p, Right + R, Left + Y, Left + Y, Down + Select-(bit.10) "Instant Restore HP". If (bit.02) "Restore HP" cheat is activated restores HP instantly without button codes.
Down + R, Up, Right + R, Up + B, Right + L, Right + A, Right + X, Up + Y, Left + A, Left + Select, Left + L, Down + Select-(bits01-10) "All cheats". Enables all cheats above at once.

(BUR) Hidden text (added 10.08.21):
The ROM header at 0x7FF0 contains some dev name:
The ROM at $01B7A1 contains an unused version of the Stage Select menu with Team name being different from the final ones:
Also, at $010D68 there is a leftover text from the completely disabled difficult select menu:


(BUR) Disabled difficult setting (added 10.08.21):
At some point the game were designed to have difficulty selection but later this option weren't used. However, the final version still have RAM variables to control the corresponding setting as well as the whole set of the data and the code to handle them. There were two difficulties: "NORMAL" and "HARD" (see "Hidden text" section above). The current player's value of the difficulty is stored at $7E1733 in RAM. The RAM values at $7E2007 and $7E2021 contains backup difficulty setting for both players respectively. Default value in the released version for difficulty setting is "HARD", so you always play a hardest version of the game. Most important that the difficulty value handled by the password system and passwords with "NORMAL" may be generated as well, which is the easiest way to play with this difficulty even on real hardware.

(UNI) Password generator (added 12.08.21):


(GEN) Ending easter (added 04.02.20):
Complete the game, at the ending sequence, where "THRASH METAL!!" screen appears, there will be some grave stone displayed with the Guitar on top of it. Depending on how much players left alive at the end of the game, there may be three more guitars (up to four) be displayed. Additionally, depending on a random number generator, there may be "PUNK HEAD" sprite appears at the left side of the screen.

(UNI) Secret words (added 04.02.20):
Start a new game an choose to create the party manually, input the first party member name as "DRAKKHEN". Now, when the ending credits are reached, the "THRASH METAL!!" screen will always display SIX guitars.

(BUR) Debug leftovers (added 04.02.20):
During the game, set the RAM address $7E9978 to any non-zero value to display some debug info in the screen at the top-left corner. Additionally, set $7E997A RAM address to a non-zero address to instantly display the ending easter egg sprites depending on a current game setup. There were a set of cheat sequences to enable all of this, but in the final version all of them were disabled.

Family Dog

(UNI) Easter egg 1 (added 31.01.22):
In the Stage 1, play through the first room. The next one is the room where the Dog is chased by the Boy. Run through this room but stop near the exit door, then wait for that Boy gets near you and immediately press Up + X + R. The Boy will turn into big heart with "SANDY" written on it. While it floating up, it gives you 1000 pts every second. At the time it disappear you will have 10000 extra pts in total. Note, the method of cheat testing is very simple and only check if your horizontal position in the room more than 0xF00 which means you are about to exit the room. The same time the game does not check what room it is, so you may perform this trick in most rooms of Stage 1. If such room contains the Boy, it will also turn into a heart but with glitched appearance. If you try to do this trick in the very first room at the beginning of the Stage, the Dog itself will turn into the glitched heart, which obviously means your game is over.

(UNI) Easter egg 2 (added 02.02.22):
In the Stage 1, play through first three rooms, with or without mini-game. In the fourth room with the Boy again chasing the Dog, run to the exit door and press Up + L + R near it. Another object with message "ULTIMATE GAMERS\VIRGINIA SMITH\CARYN WHITNEY" will apear and slowly float up. Need to mention, while object is present on the screen the "bone"-bar refilled to maximum constantly, so you literally invincible during this time and may not worry about the Boy unless the object reaches the ceiling. As against "Easter egg 1" this one works only in this particular place.

(UNI) Replay mini-games (added 02.02.22):
There are a couple of mini-games during the game where the Dog needs to fetch various objects (you need to find one in the Stage first). If Dog miss the object the mini-game is over and proceed to the next room of the Stage. However, if you hold L + R when the mini-game is about to over, instead of going to the next room the game will restart current mini-game from the beginning.

(UNI) Hidden bonus (added 02.02.22):
On the Stage 1, go under any TV-set and press Down. The TV will show you a "Family Dog" intro and then throw two bones at once.

(BUR) Game genie (added 02.02.22):
D8DD‑04AD-Re-enables the "GAME MENU REV 11.1" were you may select any game stage or mini-game to play with.

Fatal Fury 2

(UNI) Extra controller configuration (added 25.12.20):
In any game mode and any battle, after selecting the game stage, before the batle begins hold Select on any controller to jump to a Controllers configuration screen instead. So you don't have to setup the controllers once for the whole game but adjust some controls during the game.

(GEN) Unlockable characters (added 25.12.20):
At TAKARA logo, press B, A, X, Y, Up, Left, Down, Right, L, R. A sound will confirm correct code input. At the player select screen two more hidden characters will be available from now.

Ganpuru/Gunple: Gunman's Proof

(GEN) Debug menu (added 13.01.22):
Hold L + X oncontroller 1 and Select + Start on controller 2 then press . There are a lot of opions but to use them properly you need to know meaning of the MAIN SUB routine indexes, which is complex task, so this is most probaly were not intended to be released to the public but rather the developers toy/tool.
Source: yamada_arthur,

(BUR) Game genie (added 03.02.22):
3C95‑0F6D+3C95‑0FAD+DD9C‑D4AF-Re-enables the debug Error handler at the game boot.

Gradius III

(GEN) Soft-reset (added 24.10.20):
Any time during the game, hold L + R + Start then press Select.

(GEN) Arcade mode (added 24.10.20):
At the options screen, put cursor to a Game level option, then press A as fast as possible until the game mode changes to "ARCADE". Note, if you not fast enough, the cheat won't trigger.

(FIX) Extra credits (added 24.10.20):
At the title screen, press X 10 times to increase the amount of Credits by 1. Continue to press X as fast as you can to obtain up to 9 Credits before the demo sequence start otherwise the results will be lost.

(GEN) Extra 30 lives (added 24.10.20):
At the title screen, hold Left, press A, A, A. Start a new game before the demo sequence to obtain an extra lives. Note, when this cheat is enabled, the Extra credits cheat will be disabled and a Credits amount reset to default value 4.

(GEN) Full power-up (added 24.10.20):
Pause the game, press Up, Up, Down, Down, L, R, L, R, B, A, then unpause. You may use this code only once per game. Also, there are some areas of the game where this cheat is not accessible. Note, this is similar to an infamous Konami Code but with D-Pad buttons replaced with Shoulder buttons.

(GEN) Suicide (added 24.10.20):
Pause the game, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, then unpause. Note, this code does a full power-up but as well, but kills the ship at the same time.

(GEN) Random weapon select (added 24.10.20):
At the Weapon type select mode, press Right to enter Edit weapon mode, then input X, Y, X, Y, X, Y.

Justice League Task Force

(UNI) Sound test (added 21.02.22):
At the Title menu, press Select + L on controller 1 and Select + R on controller 2 at the same time. Menu will disappear, then press any other button to show the Sound test text and number of BGM/SE.

Kaite Tsukutte Asoberu Dezaemon

(GEN) Font select (added 03.08.21):
Before powering the console on, hold A. Do not release it, press Left or Right to select one of 7 internal fonts which will be used in game to diplay all text messages.

(UNI) Frame skip (added 03.08.21):
Before powering the console on, hold X. This effect is not so obvious for the naked eye but from now all graphics will be rendered once every two frames instead of each frame as usual. Maybe this is useful for some CRT TVs.

(UNI) Instant SRAM check (added 03.08.21):
After powering up the console, at the "Athena" logo, hold L + R before the self-test screen appears. The game will instantly re-check SRAM memory with message "S-RAM CHECK!" which normally appears only if some SAVE data integrity test has failed or at the very first cartridge boot.

(GEN) Console and PPU versions (added 03.08.21):
At the "Athena" logo, hold Select before the self-test screen appears. There will be additional info about CPU and PPUs versions displayed when self-test screen appear.

(UNI) Hi-scores reset (added 03.08.21):
At the self-test screen, hold either B or Y and wait for the title screen appear. This will reset either a Sample game or User game hi-score tables correspondingly.

(GEN) Fourth difficulty select (added 03.08.21):
At the Sample game "OPTIONS" menu, set cursor to "LEVEL" option, hold Select to be able to choose additional level "DIFFICULT" with Right.

(GEN) Extra music tracks (added 03.08.21):
At the "MUSIC EDITOR", hold Select before changing current music track index. This allows to select hidden tracks above indexes 32 up to 51.

(GEN) Special menu (added 03.08.21):
Reset the console at least once, then at the "Athena" logo press B, A, X, Y, L, R. A sound will be heard. Now at the title screen, put cursor to a title name, hold A and press B (or on the mouse, hold Right and press Left buttons) to enter the "SPECIAL MENU". Most of its options displays a secret messages from the developers. One special option "COMMUNICATION" will diplay currently connected controllers, or if a special device is connected to a controller port will work as simple debugging utility able to read/write or execute code in the console memory. This device and connection method described in secret message of "TABATA". Also at "MUSIC EDITOR", put cursor to upper-left corner of the screen, hold A + X + Y and press B. The instrument editor menu will appear. Put the cursor to any number and change it with A or B.

(BUR) Hidden text (added 03.08.21):
The SRAM initialization sequence here is string
The mouse controller library starts with string
and ends with

(BUR) Developers flag (added 03.08.21):
The byte at offset $7FB0 in ROM when set to $01 will disable cartridge lock when eighter the ROM data or cart's hardware has malfunction. You'll see a number below "Athena" logo at the game boot with corresponding error code. If this byte in ROM is $00, the game will just constantly re-boot the game.

Lawnmower Man, The (Europe, USA), Virtual Wars (Japan)

(FIX) Ingame cheats (added 31.01.20):
During the game, press Start to pause, then enter B, R, A, Select, Select, Y, A, B, Y, A, B. Press Start to unpause and actvate cheat mode. From now, any time during the game, press Start to pause it and enter one of the following codes. Press Start again to unpause and activate selected code. Note, due to specific of input method, Left and Right may be input as L and R respectively.
Code|Effect|Level type|Notes
Right, A, Select, Y|Infinite lives|Suburbs|Source:
A, Left, Left|Stage select|Any|Source:
Up, Right, A, B, Up, Left, Left|HP refill|VR|
Select, A, Y, Up, Select, A|No-clip mode|VR|
A, B, B, A|Instant boss VR level warp|Suburbs|
A|Level skip|VR|

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (Europe, USA), Pitfall: Maya no Daibouken (Japan)

(GEN) Title screen cheats (added 20.02.20):
At the title screen, enter one of the cheat sequences to get a corresponding effect.
Select, A, A, A, A, A, A, Select, Start-Original Atari 2600 Pitfall game.
A, X, A, Y, A, X, Select, Select, Start-Start from Stage 6. Note, due to specific of code check method, the first A not neccessary to be input. Its code is "00" inside the game, so either you input it or not, the code will work.
Y, Select, Y, Y, Y, Select, Select, Y, Start-Credits roll.
X, Select, A, Select, Y, A, X, Select-Debug mode. Use L/R at the title screen to select a level. During the game, hold Select to free movement. Press Start, Select to exit back to the level select menu. Hold Select and press B to get 99 ammo for all weapons.

(BUR) Password option (added 20.02.20):
At the "OPTIONS" menu, change the RAM address value at $7E:$027E to $06. Use buttons B, X, Y to input the code. The only tested code here is "BXYXYYBX". However, due to wrong condition test opcode, this is the only code that won't be accepted. All other codes are treated as valid instead. The effect of this code is the same as the Debug mode code mentioned above.

RPG Tsukuru: Super Dante

(BUR) Hidden text (added 10.08.21):
There are an old developer code leftovers at the end of system bank after $005900 offset in ROM. There are at least one dev info screen and one error handler screen along with some coding and corresponding scripts. The rest of the code currently overwritted with final game code and data, so dev leftovers completely unusable. But there are still some dev-related texts:
VER 2.18
Also starting from $00631F an error handler text leftovers:
At $007F80 offset in ROM is a final dev-system version string used as a RAM initialization vector. Note, the dev version above is older:
And finally, at the very end of the ROM the sound driver copyright exists:
*  ApuDrv v1.0 *(C) 1994 S.Isoda


Spider-Man: Venom: Maximum Carnage

(FIX) Title screen cheats (added 19.08.22):
At the title screen, when "PUSH START" message is displayed, input one of the following button sequences to get a corresponding effect.
Up, Up, Down, A, B-Extra 5 continues.
Down, Y, B, R, L-Extra 5 lives
Left, L, A, X, Y-Maximum HP is 4 times longer. You couldn't see the extended HP meter but will be able to get much more hits before it stats to decrease.
B, X, Up, Down, Y-Any bonus item adds a maximum punch power so you could perform super punches for a couple of seconds after that.

(UNI) Instant credits (added 19.08.22):
Power up the console. Wait for the intro, skip it to the title screen and then wait before the next demo sequence begins. After that, skip to the title screen again. Do this three times. Note, of you let the demo sequence to play till the end, you need to start from the beginning. If done right, instead of fourth demo sequence the Credit roll will be displayed.


(UNI) Cheat mode (added 29.01.21):
Start a new game, press Select to enter the info screen. Enter Up, Down, Left, Right, X, Y, A, B, Start, Start, X, Y, A, B. Now, during the game press Start to pause it and press one of the following buttins to have a corresponding effect.
Select-Enter the Debug Warp Stage. There are two big rooms. Entrance to the second one at the top-right corner of the first one. The first one filled with doors leading to various game checkpoints. The second one consist of the doorsto the all ingame subrooms.
Right-Unpause with shake effect (not sure for what).
B-Toggle Invincibility (complete disable collision test).
A-Free Movement mode (be carefult, some edges of the sage may cause instant death).
X-Best Ending
Y-Good Ending

Super Hockey (Europe), NHL Stanley Cup (USA, Fr)

(UNI) Intro Easter eggs (added 13.02.22):
Watch the intro animation until the goalkeeper kick off the puck towards the screen. When puck is almost completely covers the screen, press and hold exactly at the same time one of the following button combinations to see a corresponding effect. Note, the timing when to push the buttons as well as syncronousness of the pushes is important.
A + Left-Five different kind of 3D title screen animations in loop.
A + Down-Manually controllable 3D title screen animation.
A + Up-Instant Developers credits.

(BUR) Error handlers (added 26.02.22):
There are few unused disabled errohandlers. Patch the US ROM at 0xA9940 to 0xEA, then at 0xDFF64 to 00 to see one of the messages about "Battery RAM" checksum error. To see another message about "WRAM" checksum error, additionally patch the ROM at 0DF66 to 0x00 as well. Then start new game in any mode. The message will appear before the start of the game.

Super Punch-Out!!

Western versions:

(GEN) Japanese name input (added 08.08.22):
At the main game menu, highlight the "NEW GAME" option then hold X and press A or Start or both all on controller 1. This will activate the Name Entry mode from the Japanese version. In this mode more than one characters set is available, inclding the Japanese alphabets. Use L and R to switch characters set. In the Japanese version this feature enabled by default.

All versions:

(GEN) Sound test (added 08.08.22):
At the Nintendo logo, hold L + R on controller 2 and wait until logo disappear.

(UNI) Free match (added 08.08.22):
At the title screen, hold Y + R on controller 2 and press either A or Start on controller 1, then wait to screen completely fade out. Choose any of 16 fighters of all circuits including the "SPECIAL CIRCUIT" to fight a single free match, then return to the title screen.

(UNI) Player vs Player match (added 08.08.22):
Enter the "Free match" selection menu as described above. Choose an opponent and then, at the information screen hold B + Y on controller 2 then press either A or Start on controller 1. From now, the controller 1 will control Player's character, the controller 2 will control the Opponent's character. Note, all special moves of the Opponent will be available via various button combinations on controller 2.

(UNI) Credits (added 10.08.22):
Enter the "Free match" selection menu. Put cursor to "SUPER MACHOMAN", hold L then press Right on controller 1. The selection cursor will diappear. Press Start to see the ending Credits.

(BUR) Game genie (added 11.08.22):
DF6D‑DD6D-Re-enables some debug features.
-Displays two arrows: red and white during the match at the left side of the screen indicating something like CPU meters for Player and Opponent.
-Hold Select on controller 2 to stop the game any time.
-During regular match press Start to open "RETRY" menu, then:
--Press L to advance paused game frame by frame.
--Press R unknown, some state resetting at $7E0880/$7E0980.
--Hold L + R then press Select to instantly win current match.
-Enter "Free match" mode as described above then at the character info screen:
--Press A or Start once then quickly press and hold A and wait until arena appears to activate Player animation test. Use A or B on controller 1 to change the animation phases. Press Select to toggle left/right standing. Press Start to make Player's sprite non-transparent. Press L + R to exit test.
--Press A or Start once then quickly press and hold B and wait until arena appears to activate current Opponent animation test. Controls are the same, except here is no transparency toggle.

Top Gear (Europe, USA), Top Racer (Japan)

(UNI) Hidden credits (added 20.10.20):
At the Title menu, set "2 PLAYERS" mode then press A on it to enter the players setup. Input word " DISPLAY" as 1st player's name, and word " CREDITS" as 2nd player's name. Note, the first character in both names is SPACE (use "->" to input it). After the second name is input the hidden credits screen immediately appears.

Top Gear 3000 (Europe, USA), Planet's Champ TG 3000, The (Japan)

(FIX) Secret passwords (added 27.08.22):
Note, "_" symbol denotes "SPACE" symbol in the password.
RELAX-Change Title music to Relaxed one.
MERAK-Start from MERAK. Obviously redundant, you always start from MERAK.
SARIN-Start from SARIN.
KAJAM-Start from KAJAM.
MIRAM-Start from MIRAM.
VEGA_5-Start from VEGA 5.
KRAZ-Start from KRAZ.
MICK4CLAUDIA-Qualify every time.
MICKSMELANIE-Unlock all in-game power-ups.
INFODATA-Stage select ans SE test. During the race, any time, press Select. The speedometer will display current stage number or SE index. Use L or R to change the number. Press Select to jump instantly to selected Stage or press X to play corresponding sound effect. Press Start during the race to toggle the speedometer to display the current stage number only.


(UNI) Move instant skip (added 08.02.20):
The regular way you may skip the move is to access the special menu item "SKIP GO". However, there is an simple shortcut exist. During the game, when your turn, press quickly Left, Left, Right, Right or Right, Right, Left, Left depending on what side your player is currently facing.

(BUR) Game genie (added 08.02.20):
DDEE‑07AF+BAED‑6D0F-Shows the unused disabled Level select screen. Due to calling method, you couldn't actually play selected level. There is no proper call point in the code. Just reset the console to see it.
DDEE‑07AF+2FED‑6D0F+28ED‑6D6F+C6ED‑6DAF-Shows planned but for some reason unused Secret credits screen. This planned to be available at the credits screen when using a special cheat Up, Down, Left, Right. But all coding for this is unreferenced. Just reset the console to see it.


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