Mostly Unpublished NES Cheats ;)

red    marked cheats are unique, not listed on any site (tell me if not).
brown marked cheats from various other sources like etc, checked and fixed if necessary.
gray   marked disabled or missed cheats buried inside game ROM.

  Lagrange Point
  Last Action Hero
  Last Armageddon
  Last Ninja, The
  Legend of Prince Valiant, The
  Legend of the Ghost Lion, White Lion Densetsu
  Legend of Zelda, The, Zelda no Densetsu 1 - The Hyrule Fantasy
  Legendary Wings
  Legends of the Diamond
  Lei Dian Huang Bi Ka Qiu Chuan Shuo (Nanjing, NJ046)
  Les Chevaliers Du Zodiaque - La Legende D'or, Saint Seiya - Ougon Densetsu
  Lethal Weapon
  Lethal Weapon (Taiwan)
  Liang Shan Ying Xiong (Nanjing, NJ023)
  Lifeforce, Salamander
  Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade, Cosmic Spacehead
  Lion King, The
  Lion King III, The - Simon and Pumba (Dragon Co., TomSoft)
  Little Magic
  Little Mermaid - Ningyo Hime, Little Mermaid, The
  Little Nemo - The Dream Master, Nemo - Pajama Hero
  Little Ninja Brothers, Super Chinese 2 - Dragon Kid
  Little Samson, Seirei Densetsu Lickle
  Lode Runner
  Lone Ranger, The
  Lost Word of Jenny
  Low G Man
  Lunar Ball, Lunar Pool
  Lupin Sansei - Pandora no Isan

Cheats summary:
generic cheats-7
unique cheats-23
buried secrets-16
fixed generic cheats-8
unverified games-0
games with secrets-33
games with no secrets found-13


(BUR) GameGenie (added 04.12.13):
TONTSSGP+YENVKIIO+IAETVVLA+AZEVKVGG+YYEVSTZO-Re-enables level select cheat. This cheat were probably intended to be called on pause or during the game with some buttons held, but currently there is no proper button reading on pause, so with some hacking it was returned to ingame mode. During the game press A to increase internal level counter, press B to advance to this level. Most interesting, that cheat should be much harder to enter, while holding B you must've enter at least Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, but the first button code was replaced with $FF (but probably it was Down), and cheat were shorted just to B.

Lagrange Point

(FIX) Sound test:
Hold A + B on controller 2, then press Reset.

(UNI) Unknown (added 20.06.14):
During the game, before speaking with certain characters (mostly those who joins you), hold Select on controller 1 and A + B on controller 2 at the same time, then press A on controller 1. This will alter some parameters, calculated before the conversation. Meaning is unknown. For example, you can do it when first meet Dennis at the game's beginning. The meaning of such calculations is unknown.

(BUR) GameGenie (added 20.06.14):
GAVXUTEI-Re-enables some odd easter egg at the game ending. When all characters are surronding the main character during ending sequence and the nurse coming to kiss him, press A on controller 2 to make the people step closer to the character. Release to return all them back.
XVEKITAV-Re-enables disabled in the final release the starfield animation at the title screen.

Last Action Hero

(BUR) Hidden text (added 25.11.12):
Apart from some portions of source code stored in ROM, a string
It Work
partially used for initialize random number generator. Only first 6 symbols used.

Last Armageddon

(UNI) Movement speed select (added 23.06.14):
During the game, while walking on the map, press Up + B to switch between slow and fast movement.

(BUR) GameGenie (added 02.07.20):
YAOEIAAA-Re-enables the debug menu where you may chose the enemies and location then jump directly to it to battle with them.
Source: nensondubois

Last Ninja, The

(UNI) Cheat mode (added 24.11.07):
Start a new game, get the key from the garden gate, go outside and find a shuriken weapon, return to the garden gate, open it and go to the next location with a river and a floating boat. Stand at the left corner of the square between bush and bench, turn face to the leftmost tree at this location, switch weapon to shurikens and throw them into the same direction. When 1 shuriken is left, a sound will confirm trigger switching. Then you should jump into the river and die 6 times, so keep all your lives before this place! After the game over screen you'll see the message "Isn't that lucky? You've got CHEAT POWER". Now start a new game again and follow instructions.


(UNI) Secret passwords (added 16.12.12):
147147147147147147-1||147||147||147|||1||1, 4, 7|no

Legend of Prince Valiant, The

(UNI) Cheat mode (added 23.06.14):
Wait for the title screen is showed up after the initial copyright screen at the game's boot. Now, any time during demo loop, press Select, Up, Left, Right, Down, Left. The screen will turn b/w for a short time. This will enable the invulnerability during the game, as well as level skip cheat. Press Down + B + Select to instantly complete current level.

(BUR) Hidden text (added 13.11.08):
The game contains a hidden version text:
*      PAL     *
*   01/09/92   *

(BUR) GameGenie (added 13.11.08):
ESNOVAEY-Enable the language selection menu at the title screen. English, Deutch, Franciais languages are available.

Legend of the Ghost Lion, White Lion Densetsu

US version:

(BUR) Disabled cheat (added 23.10.07):
There are a huge portion of old unknown code sitting at the end of bank 6 in this game. At the very end of it there is a cheat test routine, checking the entry of the Konami code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A). No code being used in current version, some system calls are shifted against the current addresses, so it must be some old debug or even different game's code. It was completely removed from the Japanese version.

Legend of Zelda, The, Zelda no Densetsu 1 - The Hyrule Fantasy

(GEN) Save screen:
During the game, hold Up + A on controller 2, then press Start on controller 1.

(GEN) Secret words:
Enter as player name:
ZELDA-Second quest

Legendary Wings

(BUR) GameGenie (added 02.12.13):
GAKASPSA-Re-enables the unlimited lives cheat. At the title screen, hold Up + A + B on controller 2 then press Start on controller 1.

Legends of the Diamond

(UNI) Sound test (added 02.12.13):
At the "BANDAI" logo screen, hold B on controller 1, then press Right + A on controller 2.

Lei Dian Huang Bi Ka Qiu Chuan Shuo (Nanjing, NJ046)

(UNI) Secret message (added 21.05.14):
During the game, while in conversation mode, hold Up + Select + Start on controller 1 and skip with A to the end of the dialog. The copyrigh string will be displayed in the dialog box. This cheat can be found in a couple of Nanjing games on the same engine.

Les Chevaliers Du Zodiaque - La Legende D'or, Saint Seiya - Ougon Densetsu

Japanese version:

(GEN) Extra 999 EX glitch:
While playing, press Select to enter the menu. Enter the second option ("Ability"). Place the cursor on "End" and press Up + Right. If done right, the cursor will stay outside of the menu border. Now press B to increase your EX points to 999. This happens because of program bug, involving corruption of the variable shared between two different functions, which is used in menu and sound engine. Just by accident this bug cause exactly the same menu position that is need to be set to match the EX position. This bug was fixed in the French version.
Source: ReyVGM

Lethal Weapon

(BUR) Hidden text (added 06.10.08):
ROM contain hidden text unused in any part of game:
version 0.8 5/12/92 eurocom developments ltd.

Lethal Weapon (Taiwan)

(UNI) Invulnerability:
At the title screen, press Up + Left + A + B + Select. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Liang Shan Ying Xiong (Nanjing, NJ023)

(UNI) Secret message (added 21.05.14):
During the game, while in conversation mode, hold Up + Select + Start on controller 1 and skip with A to the end of the dialog. The copyrigh string will be displayed in the dialog box. This cheat can be found in a couple of Nanjing games on the same engine.

Lifeforce, Salamander

All versions:

(FIX) Borrow life (added 23.06.14):
In 2-player mode, when one of the players run out of lives and the "GAME OVER" message is displaying, press A on the corresponding controller, you'll borrow a spare life from another player if any.

English versions:

(FIX) Extra 30 lives:
At the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, B, A.

Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade, Cosmic Spacehead

(UNI) Soft reset:
Press A + B + Select + Start on controller 1.

(UNI) Smiley test:
Absolutely all games by Codemasters have internal PRG ROM and CHR RAM testing routines. So called "Smiley tests". Tests are normally enabled, but for triggering it needs pressing all D-Pad buttons. Hold Up + Down + Left + Right + A + Select + Start to enter the PRG ROM test or hold Up + Down + Left + Right + B + Select + Start to enter the CHR RAM test, and press Reset. A green smile means that test passed, red sad face - failed.

Lion King, The

(GEN) Stage Skip:
Pause the game any time and press B, A, Right, Down to skip to the next stage.

(UNI) Invulnerability (added 23.06.14):
First, set the "SKILL" level in the options menu as "COB". Start a new game, complete the first round, collect one bonus bug in the second round, complete the second round with exactly 2 lives left. Pause the bonus game and press B, A, Right, Down. If done right, the bonus game will continue automatically. Finish it, no matter if you win or loose. Now, at the third stage loose the rest of your lives. Select "NO" option at the "CONTINUE" screen and return to the title screen. Now start a new game, and you will be invulnerable.

(UNI) Easter egg (added 23.06.14):
Do the Invulnerability cheat. Highlight the "OPTIONS" menu item, hold Left and press A. Or if you already in the options menu, select any option except "EXIT", hold Up or Left or borh and press A. The skill name will change to "BOY LOVE".

(BUR) Unused cheat (added 23.06.14):
There are two cheat sequences at the pause mode are tested actually. The second one is A, B, B, A, B, B and you can see it's working, if you enter it on the pause, the game will unpause. Unfortunately, this cheat does nothing in the current game version. This is clearly a leftover from the Game Boy version, where it works as the level select cheat. The NES version, obviously, is a quick and dirty port from the Game Boy.

(BUR) Hidden text (added 23.06.14):
There are some unused text in the ROM:
Ted Cameron
Suffer little children to come unto me
I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life - No-one comes unto the Father but by me.

Lion King III, The - Simon and Pumba (Dragon Co., TomSoft)

(BUR) Hidden text:
There is some hidden copyright text inside ROM:
Create by:Tomsoft

Little Magic

(UNI) Cheat mode (added 04.12.13):
At the Data East copyright screen, before the title screen appears, hold A + B on controller 1 and controller 2 at the same time. From now, you can turn the CPU controlled opponent to the manual controlled opponent by player 2. To do that, just press Select during opponent's turn. Additionally, you'll be allowed to change any battle settings during battle, which is impossible in normal play, as well as select CPU vs CPU battle mode, inaccessible in normal game.

Little Mermaid - Ningyo Hime, Little Mermaid, The

(UNI) Invulnerability (added 20.06.08):
At the title screen, hold Right + A + B on controller 2, then press Start on controller 1. Select "NO DAMAGE" to enable invulnerability.

Little Nemo - The Dream Master, Nemo - Pajama Hero

(GEN) Level select:
At the title screen, press Up, Select, Left, Right, A, A, B. A new menu option "DREAM SELECT" will appear. Highlight it and press A an equal amount of times as the desired level.

Little Ninja Brothers, Super Chinese 2 - Dragon Kid

(UNI) Debug mode (added 25.06.14):
Hold Right + A + Select + Start, then press Reset. Now, during the game, while walking on the map, hold Start to disable random encounters. While walking on any stages, including in fighting mode, hold Select to free move throught the obstacles. In the Field Meeting mode this enables the CPU control for both players, so field meeting will play automatically.

(FIX) Secret passwords:
SOUND|きいてくれよ-Sound test
FULL|ふるそうび-Full equip at start
ENDING|さいご-Ending sequence

Little Samson, Seirei Densetsu Lickle

(UNI) Restore energy:
At very end of the game on Normal mode, when the dark castle have arrived, at the screen with the castle image and a flashing lightings, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B, A, B.

(FIX) Secret passwords:
The *BUG PASSWORD* means this password doesn't meant to be existed even as a secret. The code at this position is actually dummied out with $FF, and shouldn't be valid. But the password test program always take lover 5 bits of the byte and treat it as a symbol number, where $1F is "5". There are more dummied out passwords in the table, but the first one preventing others from triggering.
?2KC|4WHB-Stage 1: Ruins (Easy)
7XGN|1SEK-Stage 1: Ruins (Normal)
BN&S|AK5O-Stage 2: Sky (Easy)
KK7B|HH1A-Stage 2: Sky (Normal)
BCWR|ABRN-Stage 3: Waterfall (Easy)
V5?3|QZ4X-Stage 3: Waterfall (Normal)
5JSQ|ZGOM-Stage 4a: Mushroom Cave (Easy)
XSRR|SONN-Stage 4a: Mushroom Cave (Normal)
NS6K|KO0H-Stage 5: Forest (Easy)
ZW4&|TRY5-Stage 5: Forest (Normal)
4RD7|YNC1-Stage 6: Swamp (Easy)
FWWF|DRRD-Stage 6: Swamp (Normal)
1NWB|VKRA-Stage 7: Bubble Cave (Easy)
3MTT|XJPP-Stage 7: Bubble Cave (Normal)
PHC&|LFB5-Stage 8: Mountain Base (Easy)
XBQQ|SAMM-Stage 8: Mountain Base (Normal)
VM84|QJ2Y-Stage 9: Ice Palace (Easy)
D6HL|C0FI-Stage 9: Ice Palace (Normal)
QLXZ|BITP-Stage 10: Temple (Easy)
?2FK|ERIF-Stage 10: Temple (Normal)
CLZT|MIST-Stage 11: Volcano (Easy)
GWLH|4WDH-Stage 11: Volcano (Normal)
J62?|G0W4-Stage 12: Dark Mountain (Easy)
C92K|B3WH-Stage 12: Dark Mountain (Normal)
DP03|CLUX-Stage 13: North Castle (Easy)
GPLH|ELIF-Stage 13: North Castle (Normal)
$$$$|5555-Stage 14: Floating Castle part 1 (Easy) *BUG PASSWORD*
JR6P|GN0L-Stage 14: Floating Castle part 1 (Normal)
BN7Z|AK1T-Stage 15: Floating Castle part 2 (Normal)
0ZZ6|UTT0-Stage 16: Floating Castle part 3 (Normal)
?9MW|43JR-Stage 17: Floating Castle part 4 (Normal)
40N6|YUK0-Stage 13 Boss + max health & potions (Easy)
8NBX|2KAS-Stage 13 Boss + max health & potions (Normal)
N0QB|KUMA-Stage 16 Boss + max health & potions (Normal)
40N7|YUK1-Stage 1: Ruins + max health & potions (Easy)
K7W6|H1R0-Stage 1: Ruins + max health & potions (Normal)
NB50|KAZU-Music room


(GEN) Level and difficulty select:
At the level and lives display screen, hold A + B + Select. Now, press Up or Down to increase or decrease the level you're on, press Left or Right to decrease or increase the game's difficulty. This cheat is unlockable. The game will tell you this secret, when you beat all 8 levels.

(UNI) Secret copyright (added 03.12.08):
Any time during the game, press A, B, B, Select, A, B, Select, B, A, Select.

Lode Runner

(FIX) Level select:
At the level/score info screen, or during the game, press Select then press A or B to select desired level and press Start.

(FIX) Game speed:
At the Level select screen hold Select, then press A to increase or B to decrease speed of the game. Press Start to play selected level with corresponding speed. Note: default speed delay is 35, pressing A decreasing, and pressing B increasing it by 1. If you press A 35 times you'll get a maximum game speed. But if you press A one more time, you'll get the maximum delay, and slowest game speed, because byte is wrapped to 255. Accordinglly, press B 220 times to get the slowest speed, and one more time to get the fastest speed.

Lone Ranger, The

(GEN) Secret passwords (added 24.01.13):
0810 7830 3251 2-Level select, as well as a full stock of money and bullets. The last three spaces of the password are unimportant and may have any value.


(UNI) Soft reset (added 04.12.13):
During the game, press A + B + Select to immediately return back to the title screen.

Lost Word of Jenny

(UNI) All keys (added 09.12.07):
At the title screen, press Start and wait until the pumpkin carriage stops in the center of the screen. At that right moment, press Select once, then Down, Right, B, Left, Right, A, Up, Down, A, Left, Up, B.

Low G Man

(FIX) Secret passwords (added 22.02.10):
A complete list of the secret and generic passwords.
matt-1st Quest Level 1-2
hnry-1st Quest Level 1-3
mich-1st Quest Level 2-1
danm-1st Quest Level 2-2
jimg-1st Quest Level 2-3
elle-1st Quest Level 3-1
malz-1st Quest Level 3-2
hisa-1st Quest Level 3-3
etsu-1st Quest Level 3-4
isac-1st Quest Level 4-1
kuni-1st Quest Level 4-2
kawa-1st Quest Level 4-3
bill-1st Quest Level 5-1
ishi-1st Quest Level 5-2
aman-Extra Level 1-0
ino♥-1st Bonus Level 6-0
shio-2nd Bonus Level 6-0
naka-Extra Level 3-0
gata-3rd Bonus Level 6-0
kid♥-1st Quest Ending
teru-2nd Quest Level 1-1A
mie♥-2nd Quest Level 2-1A
kado-2nd Quest Level 3-1A
same-2nd Quest Level 4-1A
irie-2nd Quest Level 5-1A
maru-3rd Quest Level 1-1B
sima-3rd Quest Level 2-1B
higu-3rd Quest Level 3-1B
ogaw-3rd Quest Level 4-1B
iizu-3rd Quest Level 5-1B
shot-Full Weapons and Ammo
lobb-Extra 9 Lives
song-Sound Test
say♥-2nd Quest Ending
yes♥-3rd Quest Ending

Lunar Ball, Lunar Pool

All versions:

(BUR) Hidden text (added 24.11.08):
The RESET routine in this game uses string
to check if game was soft or hard reset.

(UNI) Easter egg (added 25.06.14):
Press Reset 10 times. Now, at the game over screen you'll hear a different music.

Japanese version:

(BUR) GameGenie (added 23.06.09):
NYSVNEZK-Re-enables the round skip cheat. Press Select to advance to the next round. This was just a debug in the prototype version. The final version is checking for the "J" letter in the text mentioned above and doesn't enable this cheat if it is present.

US version:

(UNI) Round skip (added 25.06.14):
Press Reset 58 times. Now, during the game press Select to skip current round.

Lupin Sansei - Pandora no Isan

(UNI) Level warps:
At the title screen, press one of the following button codes:
Up, Down, Left, Right, B, A-Level 2
Left, Right, Up, Down, A, B-Level 3
Down, Up, Right, Left, A, A-Level 4

(BUR) Hidden text (added 23.06.09):
The RESET routine in this game uses string
to check if game was soft or hard reset. Also the game contains some hidden copyright text at end of file:
Copyright 1987  Namco Ltd.  All Rights Reserved Programmed By.. HARUHISA.UDAGAWA &  KUMI.HANAOKA
The names part of this text used as part of data for a hidden CRC test routine.

(BUR) GameGenie (added 26.06.14):
AENYVNNY-Re-enables the debug mode. First of all, this disables the title screen warp cheats, enables the invulnerability toggle at the player selection screen, just hold Left and press Start to toggle it on and off. During game press B on controller 2 to skip to the next stage. Also on controller 2, press Right to select the item slot, press A to add more items. Finally, there is some scene skip after the Stage 2 and message "Game Over" will change to "To Be Continued".
GAXYNTEI-There are a series of the Namco games, made by the same programmers Haruhisa Udagawa and Kumi Hanaoka, that contains the same self-test for the data integrity. To enable any of these tests you need a special device that should be plugged into the expansion port. The operation of that device is very simple. It should accept the data bit from the data input port and return it back inverted to the output data port. The device consists of 4-bit shift register, working as some sort of the FIFO buffer. The input bits are goes to the input and then shifted to te output after a 4 cycles. At the game's boot, it tries to send some special data to the device. If the data output doesn't match the data input inverted, then the game continues the normal operation. But if all data (usually 32, rarely 64 bytes) is matches, self-tests will be performed. The program calculates 24-bit partial checksums for the PRG (excluding the last 8K) and the CHR data, summing only every 15th byte, and comparing it against the etalon. Before testing of the PRG data, the background color turns red, before testing of the CHR data, it turns green. If any of these tests are failed, the program will jump directly to the reset routine. It means, one of these tests will be performed infinitely, but until the special device is plugged in, or until the test are passed. Normally, you'll see the red to green flash just before the game's boot. Or the static red screen if the PRG data is bad, or the flashing red to green screen if CHR data isn't good. Using this Game Genie code you can skip tests for the special device presence and jump straight to the integrity tests.


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