Advertising from old game magazine:
BONZA (gambling video game)
What is BONZA?
Gambling machine of much smaller size. This is gambling game of new century, available now.
How it works?
Same way as in casino, do stake and push the lever. If you win, get your prize. If not, try again.
How can I do WIN money?
First, buy BONZA-card, similar to credit card, it contains money too. Insert into your BONZA player and play!
How can I get my prize?
Take your card to prize center and exchange it for money.
What the difference then?
You can training with BONZA for free. Winning probability 30% greather than regular gambling machine.
BONZA Player
Brand new portable player easily fit into your pocket. Win your 150.000 rur anywhere anytime!
- Playing time about 30 hours with batteries.
- Free training game.
- Power save settings.
- Internal speaker.
- Large screen.
- Russian user manual.
BONZA Cartridge
For 8-bit console and standart TV-system. Maximal stake now is 9 points, your prize 150.000 rur much closer! BONZA with Dendy Juniov IVP set by lowest prize!
BONZA video-poker (New Version)
Real card game! Your prize is only on your game skills!
- New tutorial mode.
- Three in one: regular poker, with joker, with deuces.
- Free training game.
- Power save settings.
- Russian user manual.
BONZA cards
Plastic cards with money credits instead of game tokens.
- The same as bank smart cards.
- 100% guarantee safely.
- 9 various face-values.
- High reliability.

Box art.

Plastic smart card with credits info and stuff.

Famicom (famiclone) compatible 8-bit game cartridge. Smart card slot is on top of cart. PCB contains one more smaller smart card with internal copy of credits data for security purposes, as well as data for testing and demo play.

Title screen and Error screen when credit cards are damaged, unemulated still.

User manual.

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